Rose Nekvapil has lived in the Anthroposophical communities of Emerson College (UK), The Goetheanum (Switzerland) and in Ytterjarna, (Sweden), and has been actively involved in Anthroposophical initiative for the last 14 years. She is passionate about contemporary themes that inspire and impact human development. Rose has been the co-founder of The International Youth Initiative Program (YIP)Seed Australia, and Moral Technologies. These different experiences combined have allowed her to be, and remain a part of a global network of people who are in dynamic relationship with the work of anthroposophy, both within and without established forms.

Through her work at YIP and with the Youth Sections in both Australia and Switzerland, Rose has mentored many young people in their initiatives and strivings to develop themselves and their work towards a new vision of the future. Rose loves experiencing the possibilities that lie within the young and young at heart, as recently where Moral Technologies saw a large network of people come together to work cross-generationally, doing just that.

Rose currently lives in Melbourne and works in social work supporting men and women leaving prison and integrating back into the community. She lives and works on the land of the Wurundjeri of the Kulin nation.  

She is passionate about communities of humans who live on the margins of society, and bringing love and care into their lives. She is currently a director of Seed Australia, and chairperson of the Ileen Macpherson Trust.