The next funding round will be in 2023. Please contact the Trust with any queries in the interim

The Trust’s purpose is to support individuals wishing to study Anthroposophy as well as initiatives, projects and practical ideas that are informed by it, enlivening its impact in contemporary Australia.

Having supported hundreds of applications since it was established over thirty years ago, the Trust currently has less financial capacity than in the past.

In order to assist with maintaining the Trust in a sustainable manner, a new structure to the application process has been created.

Applications will be considered in one of the following categories:

A Gift is a free contribution to an individual’s aspirations to engage in and deepen their application of anthroposophy.  The Gift has a value up to $500 without any reporting obligations to the Trust. 

A Grant is a larger sum aimed at supporting initiatives with greater reach or influence. It has a similar application process however includes an obligation to report to the Trust on the outcomes of the initiative. This may include public promotion through Trust activities such as on the Trust website.

Submissionsfor Gifts and Grants will be available for application at specific times throughout the year. Information will be made available on this website and advertised in the Australian Anthroposophical newsletter. Refer to Terms of Funding Agreement below.

Application process

Applicants are asked to:

  1. understand the application process and terms
  2. approach referees for involvement
  3. select gift or grant
  4. complete and submit application form by due date as advertised
  5. respond to contact from the Trust (possible skype call or in person meeting) 
  6. report on outcomes of project

The Trust will:

  1. operate in an ethical manner
  2. notify of a decision within 4 weeks of the submission date

Terms of Funding Agreement

Any monies unspent are to be returned to the Trust, they cannot be transferred to a new project or person without a new application.

Expectations vary for applications awarded in each category:

Gift– feedback on how this has benefitted work on anthroposophy is valued however there is no obligation for you to report back to the Trust

Grant– this may include a face to face meeting/ skype call in the application process (if short-listed). Report including acquittal and where necessary reports/photos/articles as required to demonstrate the work and reach of successful applications.

All applicationsrequire two referees. Applicants should keep in mind the following when considering the suitability of referees for a gift or grant:

  • relationship to applicant – referee should be independent, eg no family connections, not just based on friendship, therapist/patient, student/trainer or similar relationships etc
  • length of time referee has known applicant
  • referee can speak to the knowledge and capacity of the applicant to deliver or follow through on their application
  • referee’s understanding, experience and connection with Anthroposophy
  • referees must declare any financial benefit from a successful application eg running the course the applicant has requested payment towards

The information provided by a referee is crucial to the application as they assist the Trust in building a relationship with the applicant

Applications are encouraged for submission with sufficient time before funding is needed as each application is given careful consideration.

The next funding round will be in 2023. Please contact the Trust with any queries in the interim

Application Form