Jennifer has always been interested in life, people and questions we face in the world.  Through her work as a Steiner teacher and her role in carrying various roles in the Anthroposophical Society in SA and in Australia, she has come to know many people and her work encompasses a global network of colleagues. Her interests are wide and she is actively involved in exploring with others a number of issues facing humanity today, including how do we connect with each other so that leadership is not seen as the work of a few, but something we all take part in.  Education and the related field of healing occupy the centre of a growing circle of these modern challenges.

Jennifer grew up near Melbourne and moved with her young family to Adelaide, SA in the mid-seventies.  She was one of the founding teachers of the Mt Barker Waldorf School.  Her sabbatical year was spent at Emerson College, UK, where she began the speech and drama course with Dawn Langman. Circumstances prevented the continuation of this and she returned to the school to be part of the development of the high school, where they inaugurated a full Steiner curriculum to Year 12 which allowed students to undertake a year-long project of their own interest and design. This was the first school in Australia to do this.

After around 20 years in the classroom Jennifer moved into educational administration.  She moved back to Melbourne when asked to take on the role of Principal at Sophia Mundi.  She has also completed training in Biography Counselling, Parent Training and Mentoring, which is her main focus of work now.